5 Signs You Need Paver Restoration Services

It’s hard to imagine a driveway without pavers. They are so common in residential areas, commercial districts, and public spaces that it seems they have always been there. Pavers are an easy way to make your property distinct from the others on the block- but over time, you may find that they need some restoration work done. If you’re looking for paver restoration services near Lakeland, FL, look no further! We offer high-quality service at competitive prices with fast turnaround times! We’ve outlined 5 common signs that your pavers need restoration work below.

1. Cracks

If you have cracks in your paver driveway, it may be time to seek out professional services. As the years go by, these cracks will widen and deepen, leading to more trouble down the line. Pavers are durable but they are also made of natural materials that can be affected by weather conditions- air pollution, dirt buildup around pavers, etc., can make them prone to damage over time. These problems are easy for professionals to diagnose and fix up! Our technicians will fill in cracks with new material, restoring your pavers’ stability long-term. Give us a call today for an estimate on much it would cost you!

2. Spalling

Spalling is a problem that comes with age and weathering- as water seeps into the material, it starts to break up and chip away over time. If you notice your pavers are spalling, this is another common sign of paver restoration services. Call us today for an estimate on what we can do to help your pavers!

3. Staining/Discoloration

Have stains or discolorations caused by pet urine or car oil settled into where you walk? This may be a sign that your pavers need some restoration work done by professionals. Our technicians will grind out any stains and restore the look of your paver driveway- we’ll make sure all of our methods meet with your specific paver’s needs to ensure they will last!

4. Cracks and Stains Combined

If you see cracks and stains present in your pavers at the same time- it is time to call us. These problems are a sign that something more serious is going on with your pavers, so there isn’t much time to waste before getting them fixed up. Give us a call right away for an estimate! We’ll be happy to take care of this problem for you as soon as possible- paver restoration services can bring your driveway back up to its original condition over time!

5. Poor Drainage

Poor drainage around your property could also be a sign that you need professional paver sealing. If water is not drained properly, it will slowly seep its way under the pavers and cause damage over time. If you notice puddles or other signs of possible drainage problems on your property- call us today for an estimate! We’ll be happy to fix the problem and restore your pavers to their original condition within a timely manner!

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