Are All Soft Pressure Washing Services Created Equal

“It’s one thing to say it, but another thing to do it.”

This phrase has been applied to virtually thousand’s of life’s moments, but in the power washing industry, we believe that it holds particular resonance.

When clients see an advertisement for a service, they expect to receive that service… Plain and simple. Yet too often, power washing companies claim to subscribe to a soft washing technique, but either don’t employ the method properly or don’t do it at all.

There’s a reason that homeowners are increasingly choosing soft or low pressure washing to restore their property’s curb appeal. It’s effective without being invasive; it yields stunning results without putting the integrity and safety of your home in jeopardy. When done correctly, the method uses the lowest water pressure possible to achieve maximized results. A special blend of cleansers remove mold, mildew and other buildup, ensuring that your home can look beautiful and be debris-free.

However, many companies don’t truly use a low pressure when washing your home, which puts your exterior at risk of getting damaged. Others don’t harness the technique properly, yielding lackluster results.

Trust Xcellent Xteriors With Your Home

If you’re a Lakeland FL homeowner looking for a low pressure washing firm that you can trust, choose Xcellent Xteriors. We’ve been providing exemplary customer service and beautiful results to homeowners for nearly a decade and pride ourselves in being Polk County’s only nationally certified pressure washing company.

When it comes to your home, you deserve the best. Trust the experts… Trust Xcellent Xteriors.

Written By: Ryan Edrington

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