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Christmas Light Installation

No one wants to be the Scrooge of the street, but we understand how much of a hassle hanging Christmas lights is. You have to get them from storage, untangle them, and take on the hazardous task of meticulously hanging them.

Hanging them is one thing, but making them look right is another. That’s why we offer professional Christmas light installation in Bartow, FL.

You should start thinking about booking earlier than later because our books fill up fast. We start taking appointments in June, so go ahead and give us a call to reserve your spot!

Why Should You Hire Professional Christmas Lights Installers?

Once you hire a professional to install your Christmas lights, you won’t go back. There are many advantages to letting contractors take the burden of hanging your lights off your back. 

  • Frees up your time
  • Prevents you from risking a fall off your ladder or roof
  • Expert designs
  • Professional safety and installation equipment so they withstand winds and rain
  • Saves you the frustration of having to untangle the lights

Save yourself the time and hassle of having to hang your own Christmas lights by hiring professionals to do it for you.

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Why Choose Xcellent Xteriors to Install Your Christmas Lights?

We don’t have over 400 five-star reviews for doing sub-par work. Our unmatched customer service and attention to detail allow us to be Bartow’s top Christmas light installers. Benefits of hiring us include:

  • We offer free maintenance and bulb replacement
  • We remove the lights and store them for you
  • We carry full coverage insurance
  • We have years of experience tastefully installing Christmas lights

Get into the holiday spirit by letting us handle all of the decorating! We have a limited number of Christmas decorating spots available, so contact us today to secure yours.

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We Don’t Only Install Christmas Lights

If you want professionals to hang your Christmas lights in Bartow, we’ve got you covered. With years of experience hanging Christmas lights in the area, we guarantee you will love our designs no matter the occasion.

Besides Christmas, we can hang lights for:

  • Weddings
  • Fourth of July Celebrations
  • Halloween, New Year’s, and Birthday Parties
  • Galas
  • And More!

You name it, we’ll hang it!

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Schedule This Year’s Christmas Light Installation Now! 

Our books fill up fast for our Christmas light-hanging service. To get your spot for Christmas light installation in Bartow, we recommend booking your service before July. 

Scheduling early also allows you to get your lights installed in October. Why is that important you might ask. We offer a 10% discount for those that schedule their service for October!

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Christmas Light Installation FAQs

Do You Remove the Lights After the Holidays?

Yes! We will come to your house at your request to remove the holiday lights we installed for you. If you want, we will even store them for you until you are ready for us to install them again.

Do You Offer Bulb Replacement?

Absolutely! If any of your bulbs are broken or don’t work properly, we will come and replace them free of charge.

Do You Install Lights for Other Occasions?

We install lights for just about any occasion you can think of. Give us a call and we will set up a date to come and install lights for your special occasion.

Some of the events we install lights for include:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Halloween
  • Fourth of July
  • Birthdays
  • And more!

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