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Your home is one of the most precious things you own and so keeping it looking at its best is always important. But when you are looking for a service to clean and restore your home’s exterior, you need someone you can trust. Our team of experts is reliable and professional and you can rest assured that they will get your home looking it’s absolute best. Whether you are looking to improve curb appeal or to remove algae and stains which have built up over the years, we are confident that we can deliver and that you will be getting the best house washing in Lakeland, FL.

Dangers Of House Washing In Lakeland, FL

There are many dangers to house cleaning in Lakeland, FL area with a lot of companies using an outdated approach which can cause damage to your property. If the incorrect techniques are used then water may get under the siding, causing rot and structural damage. What’s even worse, when using a high-pressure jet to clean the house, this could strip back your paintwork and cause chips. However, you can feel confident that when using our soft washing service, your home will be respected and taken care of. We favor soft washing when it comes to house washing in Lakeland and this gentler approach means that no damage will occur in the process, but your home will still be left looking spotless.

Our Lakeland FL House Washing Services Will

Restore Your Home


Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Improve the curb appeal of your vinyl siding with our incredible cleaning services designed just for this type of house. It is not uncommon to see mold and mildew forming on vinyl siding, but our expert house washers will remove this and restore your home to its former glory. The value of your home stands to be increased when the exterior is well presented and clean. We take care to gently but effectively clean your vinyl siding, bringing it to a beautiful finish.

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Brick House Washing

Stucco is a material that requires great care when being cleaned and high-pressure washing is never suitable for this type of home. That is why our soft washing approach is the perfect solution for breathing new life into tired, dirty stucco houses. You can feel sure that our team will get your home looking spotless whilst all the while taking the very best of care of this delicate material.

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Hardie Board Cleaning

Hardie board siding is a type of home which requires care and attention when cleaning. If high-pressure washing is used to clean the home, there is the risk of water entering between the boards which can cause damage. This is guaranteed not to happen when using our soft washing approach, your Hardie Board home will be brought up to standard in the gentlest way possible ensuring that it looks amazing with no damage. The curb appeal of your Hardie board will soon be restored with our expert method!

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Benefits Of Our Specialized House Washing

When you use our specialized house cleaning service you will not only be getting a friendly and expert clean but you will also be helping the environment. All of our jobs are completed using techniques and products which are completely eco friendly, ensuring that Lakeland, FL stays a healthy place to live. In addition to this, you can be sure that our soft washing approach will leave your home exactly the way it was before we began – only much cleaner with no damage to the structure or paint. Our team of house washing specialists is highly trained and experienced, giving you the added benefit of knowing that your home is in safe hands from the beginning of the clean right through the end.

Why Choose Our Lakeland, FL House Washing

There are many reasons why we believe our Lakeland, FL house wash service is the right option for your home – just ask our previously satisfied customers. By choosing us, you will be getting a quality soft washing service that will be sure to impress not only you but the neighbors as well, adding to the beauty of the area by enhancing your home. What’s even better, we offer a house washing service unlike any other which will give you the confidence that no harm will come to your home during the cleaning process. We approach each job in a friendly and professional manner and our team is always on hand to answer any of your concerns.

Real House Washing Reviews!

Andrew Stickel


House Washing Lakeland FL

Ryan & Ariel did an excellent house washing with a full package cleaning of my house.They showed up on time and spent about 6 hours making sure it was all done perfect. I was extremely pleased with them and will be using them for quarterly maintenance on my house.

Greg Wallace


House Cleaning Lakeland FL

These guys did house cleaning at a reasonable price and they did it efficiently. They were personable and respectful. They took care not to damage any structure or plant. I would encourage anyone to use Xcellent Xteriors. I will again.

Betty Miller


House Power Washing Lakeland FL

I called before Irma and they told me I’d be better off waiting until after the storm. THEY WERE RIGHT! Ryan did house power washing after Irma. Then they called to make sure we were satisfied. Can’t say enough. Fast service, well done job. All around Xcellence!

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