How Landscape Lighting Fixtures Can Add Value To Your Property

Adding landscape lighting fixtures to your outdoor space is the perfect way to show off your home at night, and it also adds an extra security measure with its motion sensor. The options are endless when it comes to style and design, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs. Landscape lighting can not only make your property more beautiful but also increase its value! Read on for more information!

Choosing the Right Style for Your Fixture.

There are many options when it comes to choosing your landscape lighting fixture, and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs! Here is a list of styles/designs available:

Path light – These fixtures mount flush to the ground and shine forward along the path or walkway. They can also serve as functional lights with their low-level lighting capabilities.

Column – These lights are taller than path lights, reaching heights of 8 feet tall or more. Column lights work well to highlight trees, especially if they include spotlights which create peak beams of light towards the sky.

Multi-tier – These fixtures come in various heights; slim mid-height, short, and tall heights. Their design allows them to highlight different levels of your landscape.

Spotlight – This type of fixture places the light source at the focal point of the light, typically on top, making it great for landscaping trees, plants, etc. Spotlights also work well in highlighting architectural features such as roofs or columns around a front door.

Floodlight – These lights are best suited for areas that need lighting more focused on functionality rather than style. Floodlights can come with adjustable heads which provide versatility, whether you need wide beams or narrow beams they can help!

Choosing Your Fixture’s Functionality: Motion Sensor vs Timer.

Motion sensor fixtures allow your outdoor space to become an extension of your home. These fixtures are great for lighting up dark areas around your exterior, such as the side of your garage or front porch, etc. Motion sensor equipped landscape lighting fixtures will ensure that you never trip over something at night or stub a toe again!

As mentioned earlier, timers can also be used to control when you would like your outdoor space to receive its light. Whether you’re merely looking for peace of mind or want to save money on energy costs by turning off your lights after a set amount of time, setting up a timer is easy and convenient.

Purchasing Your Fixture.

When it comes time to purchase your outdoor lighting fixture remember that there are many options available so finding one to fit all your needs shouldn’t be a problem! You can purchase a fixture that is ready to use, with all the necessary components included.

For those who want to have more flexibility in functionality and placement it may be beneficial to purchase a light kit separate from your main fixture. This way you’ll be able to add several lights around your home if needed, such as above the garage or near the back door.

Once you determine your needs and select your lighting style, simply shop for fixtures at retailers like Lowe’s or Home Depot!

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