Landscape Lighting Lakeland FL

Benefits of Landscape lighting Lakeland FL

You might be surprised to find that there are several reasons why adding this type of addition to your property will not only improve curb appeal and increase home safety, but it can also help you get better sleep. One study found that when people were exposed to little light during the night in their bedroom they slept more deeply and woke up less often than those who weren’t exposed. Another benefit is increased security because bright lighting makes it much harder for burglars or would-be intruders to hide in bushes or trees near your property. Finally, many homeowners report feeling happier when they have landscape lighting in Lakeland, FL because they create a sense of calm and tranquility in their environment. These lights may even save you money in the long run because you can use them to make a safe path for children or pets.

Here are some of the benefits homeowners report from landscape lighting:

  • Make your house look more inviting and add instant curb appeal when potential buyers drive by
  • Makes it much harder for burglars or would-be intruders to hide in bushes or trees near your property
  • Create a sense of calm and tranquility to improve home value and overall happiness
  • Artistically illuminate landscaping features such as waterfalls, ponds, walkways and flower beds
  • Easily highlight landscape design elements without needing special skills or equipment
  • Can be used to create a safe path for children and pets

    Landscape Lighting Lakeland FL
    Home after landscape lighting installation

What type of lights should you add to your landscape?

There are a few options when it comes to adding lighting to your yard including path lights, spotlights, floodlights, and recessed security lights. The type you choose will depend on what you want from them in terms of illumination and how much money you’re willing to spend. One popular option is the LED light because they produce little heat and use very little power: two reasons homeowners report that these lights rarely need replacing. On average, LED landscape lighting uses 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs! Another benefit is that they can last up to 50,000 hours so there’s no need for replacement bulbs or maintenance work. This means you get more value for money over time without having to hire a professional to install them.

What if you don’t have much experience installing lighting?

One of the best things about these lights is that, unlike landscape ornaments, they are easy to install even if you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience. You can use them as replacements for existing fixtures or just use them on their own. They’re also great for highlighting landscaping features such as waterfalls, ponds, walkways, and flower beds without needing special skills or expensive equipment – all you need is some wire cutters and insulating tape! If you do have more experience in this area then there are plenty of additional options including solar powered path lights, IR floodlights with remote control panels and wireless motion sensors so your security lights activate only when there’s a presence nearby.

Landscape Lighting near me
Landscape Lighting during the evening

What about costs?

One of the great things about these lights is that they’re relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. If you purchase the entire set at once, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $800 depending on size and quality. The only other money you’ll need to spend is around $30 each year if you want to replace them all with LED bulbs which save power and last longer than traditional ones. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this type of lighting does not attract insects like some landscape ornaments because the light usually doesn’t attract bugs like moths or mosquitoes.

Landscape lighting can be a great addition to any property, whether you want it for increasing curb appeal or reducing crime and improving safety. It’s not hard to install these lights even if you don’t have experience installing landscape ornaments because they’re easy to wire into existing fixtures without needing special skills or equipment. If all of this sounds intimidating and you need help enacting these principles, let us know – our team of experts are ready to help!

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