Landscape Lighting Prices

How Different Lights Can Affect Landscape Lighting Prices

The first thing you need to know about landscape lighting prices is that there are a variety of options, and they all vary in price. If you want to save money, consider using LED lights because they last longer and aren’t as bad for the environment.

Another important consideration when deciding on your budget is the type of light bulbs you use. For example, hardwired lights will be more expensive than battery-powered ones because installation costs will also come into play depending on where you live.

It’s also worth considering whether it would be beneficial for your yard if the light was motion activated or triggered by an alarm system like a camera. Keep in mind that these features can significantly increase the cost of installing and maintaining your outdoor lighting.

Illuminating walkway with landscape lighting
Illuminating Walkway with Landscape Lighting

Things to Keep in Mind When Making your Decision

  •         LED lights are good for the environment and last longer than other types of light bulbs.
  •         Hard wired lights are more expensive to install because you will have to pay the electrician who installs them, not just the cost of the light itself.
  •         Motion activated or alarm system activated lighting can increase installation costs depending on how extensive they are. This is also something that must be factored into your overall landscape lighting budget.
  •         Battery powered lights will cut down on your electric bill but take a while to recharge when they run out of juice after a few hours of use. They’re also less bright than hardwired or motion activated lights.
  •         If you have a large yard, talk to your contractor about installing more than one circuit of lighting so that you can keep different parts of your property lit at once.
  •         Hard wired and battery powered options are not compatible with each other unless they both run on the same type of rechargeable battery. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure that’s something your landscaper is aware of before installation begins.

You now know all about the different types of landscape lighting and how it affects the price of your project. You should feel ready to take on whatever might come up during researching, comparing quotes from contractors and making a final decision about which way to go for your house.

Landscape lighting Illuminating Tree
Landscape lighting Illuminating Tree



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