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5 Questions to Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Professional

The right outdoor lighting professional can help you find the perfect balance between cost and quality that will give you the best value for your money. But how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where we come in!  In this article, we’ll cover five questions every homeowner should ask an outdoor lighting professional before hiring them. With these tips, choosing a qualified company will be easier than ever!

1) Do you have a portfolio?  If so, may I see it?

Before hiring a professional for outdoor lighting installation, it’s important to know what they’ve done in the past. A quality company will have a number of happy customers who are willing to show off their work.  The right outdoor lighting professional has probably been featured on local television and in print media. In addition to seeing photos of their previous projects, ask if you can speak with any of their previous clients directly about the process. If there are no examples of prior work or the professional is unwilling to collaborate with former clients, this could be an indication that either they do not perform high-quality work or are unable to secure customers long term. Either way, it’s best to go with a different company.

2) Are you familiar with the specific elements of my property?

Before hiring an outdoor lighting professional, ask them if they understand what is unique about your particular house. For example, does the individual know about any odd architectural details or items in your landscape?  If so, they should be able to address these features and perform a design that complements them beautifully.

3) Can you provide references from previous clients?

Just like you, other homeowners want to put their trust in someone they can count on. Asking for references is not an inconvenience; it’s smart. A quality professional will be happy to provide a list of people who are willing to talk about the work they did for them. Previous clients will give you the best idea possible of how the outdoor lighting company operates in action. If any red flags come up when speaking with previous customers, this could save you from making a costly mistake in hiring this particular company!

4) How can I expect my yard to look when your work is finished?

Quality outdoor lighting professionals will be able to explain exactly how their plan of action will transform your property at nightfall. You should feel confident in their ability to turn your home into a magical sanctuary with an accent lighting plan that is customized for you and your needs. If the individual is vague in describing what they envision, it’s time to go with someone else.

5) What will it cost? Can I expect any hidden fees or charges?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions on this list! Asking “what will it cost” may seem like an obvious inquiry; however, there are many things that can bump up prices unexpectedly when working with certain companies. Some outdoor lighting professionals also offer packages that bundle your outdoor lighting systems.

6) Are you licensed?  If so, do you have liability insurance?

Every state has different licensing and insurance requirements for outdoor lighting professionals. When hiring an individual, make sure they are not only licensed but also carry the proper credentials to protect both you and your home as a professional should! Buying liability insurance is another great way to let customers know that the company takes its work seriously and values customer satisfaction. Just like any other professional service, it’s important to choose a company with experienced staff who understand the importance of protecting those they work with.

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