Xcellent Xteriors is Now Pressure Washing Auburndale

Pressure Washing in Auburndale

Pressure Washing in Auburndale, FLAuburndale, Florida – Xcellent Xteriors is proud to announce that they have expanded their residential and commercial pressure washing services to Auburndale. Xcellent Xteriors is SoftWash Systems Certified to protect your property and give a quality cleaning.

A soft wash incorporates special low-pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun or wand. That’s combined with a biodegradable chemical that removes the biological elements (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants.
Not only does the soft washing method clean surfaces, such as you roof, deck, patio, siding or fence, safely and thoroughly, it also maintains paint and masonry longer.
The only time full pressure (4000 psi) should be used is to pressure wash concrete with a surface cleaner that defuses pressure through two nozzles.

Benefits of Soft Washing Pressure Washing:

  • No Damaging Pressure, less than 100 psi
  • Uses 1/3 less water than pressure washing
  • Chemical clean can last up to 4x longer than pressure washing
  • No loud Engines

Roof cleaning with Soft Washing

The roof on your property should look as good as the day that it was installed. Did you know that roofing covered in mold and mildew when wet can actually reduce the life of your roof?  A clean roof can actually be one of the most cost efficient ways to add curb appeal to your home.

What can you expect from an Xcellent Xteriors roof cleaning?

We never use high pressure on your roof. Xcellent Xteriors only uses a soft washing method that has no damaging effects on your roof. We typically see results that last 3-5 years.

Soft Washing and Pressure Washing Services:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Soft Washing
  • House Washing
  • Pool Deck
  • Driveway and Concrete Cleaning
  • Fence and Deck Cleaning
  • Hard Water Stain Removal
  • HOA Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing AuburndaleContact us today for a FREE estimate for you next residential or commercial pressure washing project in Auburndale or call (863) 838-6850

Pressure Washing Services in Polk and Hillsborough County:

Valrico, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Plant City, Lithia

Pressure Washing Tips

Want to blast away dirt and mildew? Using a professional soft washing washing expert is a solution for cleaning all kinds of exterior surfaces and bring them back to like-new condition. Xcellent Xteriors has some tips to help you get the most benefit from your exterior pressure washing.

Things You Can Pressure Wash

Brick. Brick sidewalks and brick on your building can be soft washed. We make sure that we use the correct cleaning products. If there are any cracks in the mortar, repair them first and give them time to dry and cure before washing.

Concrete. Whether you have concrete sidewalks or driveways, you’ll be pleased with the results you get with pressure washing. We make sure that we use the correct cleaning products

Cut stone. Marble looks great after pressure washing, limestone is more fragile. The best approach for all cut stonework is to start with a soft washing and the right cleaning products.

Siding. Whether your home has aluminum, wood or vinyl siding, it can be soft washed with detergent, especially if the surface is painted so paint doesn’t get washed off.

Stucco. Make sure there are no cracks or chips in your stucco before you pressure wash. Repair all stucco cracks prior to washing and let dry thoroughly.

Decks and patios. If the surface is painted, remember to soft wash method first to make sure you’re not stripping off the paint or the finish.

Gutters and soffits. We will check to ensure they’re firmly attached, and then spray away. If we’re trying to wash dirt out from behind gutters and soffits, we take care for the building behind them.

Wicker and metal outdoor furniture. These can usually do well with soft washing and detergent.  We will test a small area first to make sure you’re not removing any paint or finish.

Boats and vehicles. Soft washing is great for boats and vehicles. They require  special chemicals designed to work with their unique finishes for your boat or car.

Fencing. Soft washing is great for remove mildew, mold, and dirt from your fencing. Works well on wood, PVC, or metal fencing.

Roofing. When soft washing a Roof it is always important to have a ground guide. 1. For safety 2. To ensure that the plants are being saturated fresh water. Never allow a company that shows up with only one employee to be on your roof. It is actually illegal in the state of Florida for a company to not provide a ground guide when performing any work on a roof.

Pressure Washing and roof cleaning in the Auburndale area – Contact us today for a FREE estimate for you next residential or commercial pressure washing project in Auburndale or call (863) 838-6850

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