What Factors Affect The Cost To Seal Concrete

Sealing concrete is an important step in preserving the surface and preventing staining and other damage. The cost of sealing concrete will vary depending on the size of the area being sealed, the type of sealant used, and other factors. Some of the most important factors that affect the include:

The size of the area being sealed 

When it comes to the size of the area being sealed, there are a few things to consider. The first is the overall size of the area. The larger the area, the more sealant will be needed and the higher the overall cost will be. Another factor to consider is the shape of the area. Sealing concrete is more expensive when it comes to corners and curves since there is more surface area to cover. Likewise, sealing concrete that has a lot of twists and turns will cost more than straight-line concrete such as sidewalks. The third factor to consider when it comes to the size of the area being sealed is an irregularity in the surface. Sealing large or irregularly shaped areas can also add to the overall cost of the project.

The type of sealant used 

The type of sealant used can greatly affect the overall cost and efficiency of your project. Some types are better for protecting against water damage while others are better at stopping stains from oils, grease, dirt, algae, mold, mildew, and other substances. There are even some sealants that offer both water protection and protection from the most common stains. Other factors include whether or not you want to use a color enhancer, whether or not you want the surface to be resistant to tire marks and whether or not you need it to meet ADA specifications.

The condition of the concrete is sealed 

Even though sealing is designed to protect your concrete, it’s important that the concrete itself is free from damage before you seal it. Sealing over damaged areas won’t do much good since it will wear off quickly in those spots. Manufacturers recommend removing damaged material through grinding before applying sealant. Also consider other factors related to the overall condition of the concrete such as oil stains, rust stains, salt residue, and mill scale (a bluish-green crust on cement).

Sealing Concrete Lakeland
Sealing Concrete Lakeland

The climate where the sealing is taking place 

The climate where the sealing is taking place can have a dramatic effect on the cost of sealing. In areas with high humidity, water evaporates from the surface quickly and sealant is worn off faster. In colder climates, salt used for melting snow frequently accumulates on concrete surfaces so it needs to be removed before sealing. When you have a limited window of time to work in certain parts of your project or if removing salt residue or mill scale is required, this will also add to the overall cost. Rainy weather, especially immediately after a rain event when waterways are still flooded from rainwater runoff carrying dirt and chemicals from streets and sidewalks into local waterways, can cause additional problems that result in increased costs. Xcellent Xteriors
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