Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Service

Professional Pressure Washing Service vs. D.I.Y

Why should I hire a professional pressure washing service instead of just doing it myself? Most people think that pressure washing involves waving a high pressure wand back and forth to blast away stains on outdoor surfaces. This is a common assumption, but we’d like to explain how this is actually incorrect pressure washing technique which usually causes a lot more harm than good.

Aside from the high pressure wand method taking up your entire weekend, causing pain in your back and hands, and leaving unsightly lines behind, using high pressure on residential surfaces can cause severe damage. High pressure can lift paint, dull windows, leave permanent marks on concrete, and the list goes on. I have serviced many properties where I see evidence of improper pressure washing techniques. Often times the damage is so severe that it requires repainting or replacement of damaged surfaces.

Are You Using Proper Detergents When Pressure Washing?

At Xcellent Xteriors, we use safe and effective detergents that penetrate the mold, mildew, and fungus to ensure that they are eradicated from the surface. In conjunction with our low pressure system the exterior of your home is kept intact without damage and left sparkling clean! Proper detergents are the key to washing a house or any other surface for that matter. I always tell my customers that pressure washing a house without using proper detergents is like pulling a weed without killing the root. Within a couple weeks the weed just regenerates and causes aggravation. Well pressure washing without the use of detergents allows the mold, mildew, and or fungus to return in a short amount of time and therefore would just be a waste of time and money. By allowing a proper dwelling time, the detergent removes the stains and prevents regrowth. This also creates a much cleaner environment for you and your family. The detergents we use are safe for your home, plants, and family members as well.

Time is precious! Don’t spend your entire weekend waving a wand back and forth endlessly! With our proven system, we can complete most residential jobs in under two hours! So enjoy your weekend by letting Xcellent Xteriors clean your home exterior quickly, efficiently, affordably, and thoroughly!

If there is one thing to take away from this article it is that high pressure should not be used to wash your house. Any pressure washing company that is not using proper detergents is wasting your time and money. The improper use of pressure will cause severe damage to surfaces on your property. It is also a safety hazard if used incorrectly. The pressure we use is so low that we can actually hold our hands in front of it without causing injury.

Xcellent Xteriors has over ten years of pressure washing expertise. We are also fully licensed and insured. We are also a combat veteran owned business. To learn more about who Xcellent Xteriors is and how we operate, contact us online  or feel free to call us at 863-838-6850. We can also be reached at LakelandPressureWashing@gmail.com.

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